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Are you our heart's delight?

hearts delight
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THERE ARE 4 AUTO - ACCEPTS LEFT (unless if we reaaally don't like you)

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Since this community is just starting out, I'm going to have it basically be what I want it to be. Its a community for the things you love. At first I was thinking for it to be a community where you can share and just talk about love, crushes, and anything that has to do with relationships, so that's going to be the main point to this community.. but it can also be about love for other things, anything. You name it. So come on, and apply :]

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1• Always be respectul to your mod(s) and other members.
2• Post about anything you'd like, but don't make it completely pointless.
3• More than one pictures must be under a lj cut, and if you don't know how to do an lj cut then sorry; you're just stupid because thats old school. And please try to make your pictures smaller than the computer screen.
4• Us members of the community are never mean, but if you get bitchy with us, we'll be hell right back to you.
5• You may promote ONCE IN A WHILE, but you have to do the following: put in the subject that its a promo.. and then have EVERYTHING in an lj cut. If I see that you are nothing but a repetitive promoter, you're gone.
6• When applying, you must be 15 or older.
7• If you get rejected, please leave the community. There's obviously a reason to why we said no.
8• Once a member, please be active
9• For every post AND application, please put it under a friends lock.
10• Please put in the subject line that you are stamped.
11• Have an ideas, questions, concerns? Let me know!
12• To show that you've read the rules, when applying please put " shooby do wop and scooby snacks" in the lj cut title.


MEMBERS ARE HERE: ♥ members ♥

AFFILIATES: theeccentric


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After joining the community, you have 48 hours to complete this application. You are not a member of this community officially until after you complete the application and are accepted.

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About Me.
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