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Ohhh Darrliin.
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Welcome to hawtxcheri__, a rating community that is based on 65% appearence, 25% personality, and 10% smarts. Please do not join if you are stupid, lack common sense, or are hideously ugly.
Currently, all you need is the "yes" of a mod to get in. Once the community reaches 15+ members, you will need 7 more yes's than no's to get in. Basically, if the mod promoted to you, you'll get in.
Members List

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1 » Applicants
» 14+
» Both boys and girls may apply
» Please submit your application within 48 hours of joining. » Fill out the entire application
» Do not comment on any other entry except your application
» If you are accepted, great! Do the theme and contest. If you are rejected, you may re-apply only ONCE more in a week.
» Do not delete your application.
» Respect the mods/members. They've already been accepted.

1 » Members
» When voting, put a Yes or No in the subject line. "Sway Me's" are ok too. » Make all posts friends only
» When posting pictures, use a LJ cut.
» Promote to other communities
» Do the theme/contest!!
» Rate new applicants.
» Stay active.

The theme for the month of Jan-Feb is Crazy Hair and Makeup. The theme will end Feb. 19.

Points System
+5 - Promoting to a community/user
+5 - Text post
+10 - Picture post
+20 - Participating in the theme/contest
+30 - Winning a Superlative
+50 - Being named 'Member of the Month'

Spending Points
+200 - Kick someone out of the community
+75 - Auto Accept/Auto Reject (one per 75 points)
+30 - Having your vote count twice

The current superlative is Best Hair. (apply/vote here: february superlative

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None at the moment.

I got my layout at layoutosaurus!

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