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Craft Organization and Please Vote!!

Okay so I have found an awesome place with an awesome product (lots of them really) to help me get organized. I'd really like it if you guys checked out http://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com Their furniture is lovely, so I've been talking about them a LOT lately.

Right now, I'm actually in a contest to win an amazing table. See, this is what I could win:

It's a craft table with lots of space, a glass top where you can see into the sliding drawers, and a really sturdy design. It looks great, too! The contest I'm in is for "cutest craft", and I'd appreciate if people would vote for me! Every day if possible, as I know most of the real competitors will have all their voters voting every single day. You can vote for me here: http://theoriginalscrapbox.com/craftbox_giveaway/showContestant.php?id=269.

I really hope everyone takes a look around their website. There are several pieces of furniture, and a few other helpful items that are really worth a view!