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Our candle is lit...

Watch as we glow...

Hardcore Emu Peeps
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All Members , Moderated
Hey there. This community is about friends helping friends. We're all here to help, whether you have a problem or you're just bored and want someone to talk to. There are just a few rules...

**Main Rules**
1. Please follow and read all of the rules.
2. You respect us, we respect you.
3. Listen to the mods/ co-mods
4. Please don’t start drama.
5. ALWAYS run with sissors.
6. Fill out the application.
7. NEVER question the potatoe
8. When voting use the nifty +/- system. If you don’t know how, just as a mod…
9. Have fun!!!

** Application Rules/guidelines**
1. Put your application under a LJ-Cut. (( If you don’t know how, ask a mod or co-mod in his or her PERSONAL journal and we will direct you to the proper website to look at.)) Applications not under a LJ-Cut are not allowed to be voted on. A mod or co-mod will warn the applicant to fix it and they will be given 48 hours to do so, other wise it will be deleted.
2. For the question on your favorite animal, please put Kannible Kow Bunnies. It’s to make sure you read the rules. Then put your favorite animals after that one.
3. The subject line should read “ And the answer is…”
4. Some questions are ment for serious answers… please answer accordingly
5. Your application will be voted on using the +/- method
6. Don’t argue or get upset over a no.
7. If you don’t get accepted the first time, you have another chance to reapply ((after a week))
8. Unbold your answers and leave the questions in bold print so we can tell the difference easier.

1. Name:
2. Nicknames:
3. Age:
4. Gender:
5. Date of Birth:
6. Zodiac Sign:
7. Sexuality:
8. Single or in a relationship?
~ If in a relationship, how long have ya’ll been together?
9. What is your schedual? Or, if you are out of school, what’s your occupation?
10. Animal(s):
11. Song(s):
12. Singer(s)/band(s):
13. Book(s):
14. Class:
15. Food:
16. Drink:
~For or against and please explain why~
17. President Bush:
18. Gay Marriage:
19. Ex-President Clintion:
20. Nascar:
21. Year-round School:
25. ((Dress Code)) School Uniforms:
26. Casinos:
27. Promote this community and provide a link. *Preferably in another community*
28. Promote a community here.
29. Why do you want to join this community?
~Optional… but can get you brownie points~
30. Post two pictures of yourself:
31. Post a random/funny picture:
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