David (dirty_donatello) wrote in hardcore_emu_,

Prepare your bladder for imminent release!

This community is nice and lonely. *pets*

1. Name: David
2. Nicknames: Davey Boy, Cheese, Pasty, Monkey
3. Age: 20
4. Gender: Male
5. Date of Birth: 13/01/86
6. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
7. Sexuality: Straight
8. Single or in a relationship? Single
~ If in a relationship, how long have ya’ll been together?
9. What is your schedual? Or, if you are out of school, what’s your occupation? I eat beans.
10. Animal(s): Kannible Kow Bunnies... mongoose
11. Song(s): A Wolf At The Door at the moment
12. Singer(s)/band(s): http://www.last.fm/user/gyrojam/
13. Book(s): Foundation, Hitch Hikers
14. Class: Sciences
15. Food: Noodles
16. Drink: OJ
~For or against and please explain why~
17. President Bush: Against; He's a dick.
18. Gay Marriage: For; people should be able to do what they want with themselves.
19. Ex-President Clintion: No opinion.
20. Nascar: Against; Cars are boring.
21. Year-round School: Against; eww.
25. ((Dress Code)) School Uniforms: Against
26. Casinos: Neither; people should be able to waste their money if they want but I don't like them or anything...
27. Promote this community and provide a link. *Preferably in another community* Huh.
28. Promote a community here. Oh.
29. Why do you want to join this community? Emus.
~Optional… but can get you brownie points~
30. Post two pictures of yourself:

31. Post a random/funny picture:


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