A person never dies, but just fades into a memory (pipermae) wrote in hardcore_emu_,
A person never dies, but just fades into a memory

So loving it! We just need to recruit more members! Ask anyone you want! We're the only two who don't have to fill out the appliciation, if you don't want to. ^^ Later on we can decide on two co-mods.

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    ta-Da!!! im amazing. i figured out how to use the little lj cut thingie. unless im doing this wrong... oh well. heres my profile thing: ~Basics~…

  • new member

    mk... so im a new member (obviously) but im not going to post my profile- type thing right now... first i have to figure out the whole lj cut thing.…

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    This community is nice and lonely. *pets* ~Basics~ 1. Name: David 2. Nicknames: Davey Boy, Cheese, Pasty, Monkey 3. Age: 20 4. Gender: Male…

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