Octavia Cora Draper {{O.C.D.}} (xx_anybody_xx) wrote in hardcore_emu_,
Octavia Cora Draper {{O.C.D.}}

new member- profile thingie

ta-Da!!! im amazing. i figured out how to use the little lj cut thingie. unless im doing this wrong... oh well. heres my profile thing:

1. Name: Josi
2. Nicknames: erm... none (unless you count that whole cracker thing... then its `ritz`)
3. Age: 13
4. Gender: um. girl?
5. Date of Birth: 10.10.93
6. Zodiac Sign: LIBRAAAAAAAA
7. Sexuality: pretty sure im striaght
8. Single or in a relationship? kind of in a relationship
~ If in a relationship, how long have ya’ll been together? idk. a month or two (you can tell how devoted i am)
9. What is your schedual? Or, if you are out of school, what’s your occupation? i wake up for school at 7:30, get ready for school, get to school at 8, hang with my peeps (haha) until school starts, then hang out with my peeps again after school
10. Animal(s): llam, dogs, omg... FISSSSHHHH, pixie stix (mhm. they are animals)
11. Song(s): grand theft autumn/ where is your boy tonight, liar, liar (it takes one to know one), shooting stars, glamorous
12. Singer(s)/band(s): funeral for a friend, FOB, MCR, from first to last, taking back sunday
13. Book(s): twilight, mercy unbound, cut, hairstyles of the damned, Rx
14. Class: sorry to say, all of them (i feel like such a nerd)
15. Food: hm... popsicles, hungarian pancakes, blow pops, lolly pops, candy
16. Drink: orange italian sodas with dairy
~For or against and please explain why~
17. President Bush: against basically because i believe he is taking our country in the wrong direction
18. Gay Marriage: hm. for gay partnership with same rights as marriage. i think marriage has been defined as a man and a woman. but partnership (or whatever its being called) can give the same rights.
19. Ex-President Clintion: idk. i truly have no opinion
20. Nascar: i personally dont like it...
21. Year-round School: its a good option for people who learn that way. personally i dont think it would be right for me. but some people learn better without a three month break, they work better with shorter but more frequent breaks.
25. ((Dress Code)) School Uniforms: i am for dress codes (no super mini skirts, no cleavage, no looking like a slut, etc.) but completely against uniforms because they take away induviduality. the reason i am for dress codes is because our dress code is never enforced and i dont really enjoy seeing half the girls boobs put on display (and all the guys staring, lol)
26. Casinos: against. there are better forms of entertainment
27. Promote this community and provide a link. *Preferably in another community*
28. Promote a community here.
29. Why do you want to join this community? it seems weird. off- beat. different. kind of like me and the people i usually hang out with :-)
~Optional… but can get you brownie points~
30. Post two pictures of yourself:
31. Post a random/funny picture: ill do this when i get home (im not on my own computer at the moment)im gonna be able to get on my computer in 3 weeks. so i guess youll just have to wait :P

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