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Happiness Is...


Happiness Is ______
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All Members , Moderated
This community is here for you to share what makes you happy, and maybe find happiness in realizing what others enjoy. Post lists of things that make you smile, post a new thing that makes you happy every day, post any time you get happy and feel like sharing! There's no limit to what can make you happy, so post whatever gives you the warm fuzzies (provided it's not totally inappropriate or offensive, of course)!

For the sake of the community's members though, please:
1. Put any happiness-inducing images wider than 200 pixels behind a LJ-cut. Please also post any images behind a LJ-cut that people may object to, or not want to see while in front of their parents/at school/work/etc. How to use a LJ-cut
2. If you'd like to share an email forward, feel free, but please post the bulk of the email behind an LJ-cut as some members might have already received the email. Please refrain from posting chain letter portions of an email (ie. "Send this on to x people and ___ will happen).
3. Posting song lyrics that make you happy is fine, but if the song is long, please use an LJ-cut on the bulk of it.
4. Post about your sweetumsfacepookiebearhoneydarling if you want to! Love is great, and some members may be able to relate. If your relationship makes you happy, feel free to share it (although keep any sexually explicit details out).
5. Community promoting is okay, provided that you moderate it or that it isn't a rating community, and that you also list something that makes you happy!

This community is a continuation of the former happiness_is, and is moderated by xmorningxrosex. Any problems, email me at makalah @ gmail.com