Choco Bliss

Eating choco crinkles while chatting away with my friends and sitting on a bench. And all around, the world rushes by, the wind blows soothingly, the leaves rustle, the sun shines softly.

Pure bliss. Heaven must probably be like that.
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This is my weekday heaven.

After a rough day's work, at the mercy of the weather:

It's comforting to come home to a warm apartment, have a hot shower, eat a hot and hearty meal, slip between clean, crisp sheets, watch a movie with my fiance, and get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep.

It so rarely happens that I get all of these things in one night, so when I do, I am grateful.
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that 70's show.

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happiness is:

- one easy hour of work this morning
- watching 6 out of 9 episodes of season one of grey's anatomy while eating yummy snacks
- a nice walk with my dog and listening to music on the trail by my house in the evening when it's warm but not too warm, and sunny but not too sunny.
- buying 5 great shirts at the mall
- seeing poseidon
- playing video games with an old friend
- seeing my boyfriend tomorrow
- his birthday on saturday
- rilo kiley.