guess who's back

back again
::ninja: and engrish
tell a hobba or a friend

we are truly disappointed that this community wasn't kept up in our absence.  we cried rivers. we then built bridges.

this is our angry faces, despite not being able to see it with our awesome hats on.
btw engrish is the fat one.

Interior design?

First off, I'm new to this comm, so hiii! :D I'll hopefull be posting around here from time to time just to stay up with everyone.

I've just recentely come back to Habbo after a few long years away, but I have a new account to indicate a fresh start.
Anyways, the way I make an "e-living" if you will is I do interior design work on Habbo. MY SERVICES ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE, but tips are (obviously) encouraged, haha. The tips I earn are what I use to keep myself supported and when I get my name more recognized, I will be using tips to pay people to advertise for me. The only charge I require for my services is that you slap my name on a stickie or something crediting me for the room's layout. You can take rights away from me when I'm done, so you don't have to worry about me messing everything up later.  I'm willing to design ANY room, no matter how little or much furni I have to work with and I promise I'll make it look better than it looked before. But if you don't like what I've done with the place, I will absolutely change it back to exactly how it was before, 100% free of charge.
If any of you are interested in my services, please contact me via comments on this post, my personal Livejournal, Habbo (although I'm not on all that often) or AIM. My screenname is andtannerwaslike. I'm on .com, and my username is tannerdesign. Please feel free to talk to me any time.

Thank you for your time,

New Habbo User...

Hi everyone. I couldn't find any really active Habbo communities... but I was hoping to find some people to hang out with on Habbo. I'm on the US one, and my name is Kedawen.

What I'd really like to see is if there are any mature people on Habbo, who are able to speak full, complete sentences. :D I have a room I was hoping to use for this purpose, for people to get together and talk and not have it be full of "omg lolz ur so hawt" constantly.

I am 23, which is older than most people who play on Habbo, but I'm hoping there are at least a few people for me to chat with.

I'm not trying to be a snob or anything, really. I hope I didn't come off like that... hmmm...
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This is probably the lamest article I've ever read, not that I read the newsie alot.. but anyways..

"Everyday I get a message or two through my console from my friends saying 'please help me I have been scammed donated please'or even 'I've just been scammed I have decided to leave Habbo, goodbye everyone.'
And it makes me so sad, I think about how similar Habbo and The Real World have become. In the real world, there are so many wars, murders and theft, and countless other wrong doings being caried out all over the world. I used to think habbo was a safe haven, away from all that but now I realise it isn't as safe as I had thought. left right and centre I am surrounded by the moping faces of the scammed. And even yesterday as I sat in my room thinking a Habbo came in and said: '*shoots EllieClark* Die you Die!'

It is virtual violence and it needs to be stamped out right away"

Oh no someone virtually shot her?! She better go cry in the corner and slit her wrists..
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A mod from habbo has passed away.. he was known as MOD-UK, y0rkie, & Enigma.

Didn't know him myself.. but I have seen him around.

(It was on an official habbo fan site.. so I'm assuming it's true)