Hello fellow hot chicks. It's been a long boring day here in the sunshine state combating the hurricane that did not come. Once again I have to sit and think about the grueling work of taking down those cursed hurricane shutters from my house (especially those rotten second storey windows). The only time I can remember rain was last night I woke up and heard a lite sprinkle on my window for a few minutes before stopping. I have yet to hear strong winds and the only time my power went out was last night when I couldn't even complain. Either way, the good side is nothing is ruined and I would rather have had this wonderful five day weekend without a hurricane then the vice. Besides that I've had a fairly productive day, besides wandering around with the insane pounding of my mind trying to figure out what time of day it was (my clocks still needed to be reset from the power and it looked like it was four in the morning since no light can get past those cursed shutters) I did what little homework I had, talked to a few people on AIM and started reading a book before I went to retire to my gaming. That's where I spent the bulk of my day. It's 11:07 PM now and I still have quite a bit of time left before I start to feel tired, or until I decide to go to sleep. As of this moment I'm in the conflict of decided weather to cook a real meal for myself or making a pizza. The fact that I'm lazy and I don't want to cut the vegetables and cook raw meat I think I'll go with the ladder. Farewell hot chicks. Sleep well.
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I was screwing around with the member list + i took prac. everyone off by mistake. So i need you sweet hearts to do me a favor. In the info join the community again. Sorry !

<33 yeah x's a billion-->megan*

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Heyy everyone, so i know that you're active + promote all members please show me where you have promoted + please make sure that on your info for your own journal you have a h0ttchix_ banner. Remember you can always make you own banners for h0ttchix_ just make sure you post them.

<3 you all =)

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