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the sound of the shell

Well, today was a bitch. Last night, or should I say this morning I went to sleep at 4:00 AM and by the way, I wake up at 5:00 AM. I stayed up that late because I had to do two entire projects, plus study for a test, and a quiz, and do some homework. Now I'd say I'm an O.K. student, but Belen is really pounding us. This shit is insane, I feel like I'm having insomnia again but it's even worse cause I have to worry about grades and how others will think of me. I'd like to give an ode to no one and a good fuck you to all the people who really would expect me to do all this shit in time. Let me tell you that the best student in my entire grade was in the same boat as me, so shut the fuck up. I'm not one to whine or procrastinate but this shit is getting wretched. And I know the others grades ahead aren't that much worse because my brothers a junior and I know what his homework is like, plus they don't give him honestly like a test every day (serious). And these tests aren't pussy ass like pop quiz kinda shits, they're worth like 40% of our grade. Besides that not much has happened, I'm really really tired and I hope to go to sleep early today because we don't have much homework. Please excuse my grammar on this post, I'm to tired to pay attention to what I'm typing. Luckily there was no rowing practice today or I would be dead. I just got back from confirmation class things and that's alright I guess. Besides that in the world of bad news I get my braces in like two weeks. I already look like an idiot enough and I really didn't want to get them now, this is a really important year for something and I really could have done better without them as of now. Anyways, I hope you all had a better day/weekend then I did. My AIM is not working, so if you're reading this then you know why I havn't been on as much. My computer parts have started to come in and I'm starting to build now. I'm being a detriment to society and I will leave you all be now. If you read all this than thanks, and sorry for the rabble.

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