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Fucking Friday

Let's see what has happened today. I studying my ass off for the two tests which by the way I raped the shit out off (this means I did good). Umm.. Lunch was okay and I spent most of the day anticipating right now getting home. Rowing practice today was a bitch, a fucking bitch with a dildo shoved so far up her ass that it makes you want to cry. I swear.. I'm so out of shape I sit my ass down and play the comp for several hours at a time. I wan't that confident going into it but I made it just fine. First we did 1000 meters on the ergs (these are hell machines that are imitations of a rowbot.. but ten times harder to do) then right after I finished that (with a good time I might add) we had to run three miles, that's right, three fucking miles.. twelve laps around a full size track. Somehow I managed to run the entire three miles without walking. Right now I'm tired and my legs and feet ache like mad. But in the end I guess all the hard work is worth it if in the end I become more fit and get in shape or something of the sort. Besides that.. umm.. Planetside awaits me, Chris Ann is hot, and I need a cold shower to cut the pounding in my cranium. I guess it's about time I stopped whining but whatever. I need to take a shower, talk whoever reads this later. Have a good weekend and hope this shitty hurricane Ivan isn't a pedophile (if you didn't get that joke think about it.. I know, it was sad). Au revoir.

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