September 25th, 2004

hit that

sorry times 10

Heyy loves ! I am so sorry i haven't really been active lately it's that school has been extremely hectic !! Well, i'll try to keep checking up remember all members please promote since obviously not many people know about us..there hasn't been any applicants in awhile. helpp !! haa well i'll write back soon i promise

love yeah h0tt chix =]

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    the 54648 hurricane..

Time time time time time time time time time tiiimee

Once again, there is another 'hurricane' coming for us. But as always, it's probably not gonna do shit. Anyways, thats gay cause now I had to put all my shit inside and I'm gonna have to take it back out again once my parents realize they're not that smart. I wanted to go out this weekend for once but it turns out I have like four projects to do (seriously) and I'm fucked cause of that. I wish I had more time. More seconds in a minute, more minutes in an hour, more hours in a day, and more days in a week. But I can't. I bought my new totally kick ass speakers and sub on Friday and I'm still loving them. This week I'm hoping to start ordering the parts for my computer so I can start building already. This old one is REALLY starting to piss me off. And not even my AIM works anymore. Well anyways, I'll post again later. Good-night all.

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    NIN - We're in this together now