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This is a roleplaying community for Gundam Wing. You have to be approved to join, so if you're interested just fill out this questions in an email and send it to IcicleSassy@aol.com

Which character you want to play:
Your name (or an online name, if you prefer):
Your actual LJ user name (if you have one):
Your e-mail address:
Write a pretend post:

1. Please try to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. We want others to be able to read what you write.

2. You must post in your journal once every two weeks. You must also post comments in other people's journal as much as possible.

3. If you need to take an abscence (because of vacation, school projects, etc.), be sure to email me, telling me why you'll be gone and when you'll be back. Do not just stop posting without notifying me or you may lose your character.

4. Yaoi and yuri are encouraged.

5. No bashing is allowed.

6. If you have an idea for plot, email me about it or IM me if I'm on (IcicleSassy or ketsueki raven).

8. You have a week to start posting once you join the community.

9. You must have AIM. You need to make a personal account on AIM for your character. AIM chats between two characters should be posted in the community under lj cut.

10. Have fun and be active in the RPG.

Your characters journal will be done in their point of view (I, me, my). The community will be used for 3rd person post (she he they). The community will also be where you post your OOC posts.

The gundams are a dangerous weapon to anyone. So what if there was a disk somewhere out there with the blueprints of the gundams on it? What if it fell in the wrong hands? Who would want them and why? The pilots will face their toughest challenge yet, having their gundams fight their duplicates. This is where their own skills will determine the results of each battle and find allies in the most unlikely places. The organization is known as Draconus. It is run secretly by the Harajutsu family, a father and a son.

-Taken Characters:
*Duo Maxwell- hellsgrimreaper
*Trowa Barton- observer03
*Quatre Raberba Winner- _quatre_winner
*Chang Wufei- chang_wufei05
Zechs Merquise- to_die_for_13
Treize Khushrenada- kushrenada_13
Lady Une- 13_tearsofarose
Noin Lucrezia- countess_9

-Available Characters:
*Heero Yuy
*Relena Peacecraft/Darlian
*Dorothy Catalonia
*Catherine Bloom
Sally Po
*Hilde Schbeiker
Mariemaia Barton
Others by Request

Original Characters:
The Harajutsu's
- Masahide Harajutsu -around his mid 40's- Hitoshi's Father, leader of the organization Draconus
- *Hitoshi Harajutsu -15- Masahide's son
(Hitoshi's mother is deceased)
The pilots of the duplicate Gundams(names to be added immediatey)
- **name available shortly** -15- Heero's opposite, Japanese, male
- **name available shortly** -15- Duo's opposite, African American, male
- **name available shortly** -15- Trowa's opposite, Hispanic, male
- **name available shortly** -15- Quatre's opposite, Arabic, male
- **name available shortly** -15- Wufei's opposite, Chinese, female
Other originals you make up. The can be on the Allies side, or on the Draconus side. You can make them Generals, soldiers, or just kids in the highschool. I prefer if you make them around the age 15, but we do need older people to pair agaisnt Treize (for example)
People that attend the high school are marked with *

Posting (when your next post is due by):[last updated November 6]
observer03 - November 2
hellsgrimreaper - November 13
_quatre_winner - November 11
chang_wufei05 - November 25
to_die_for_13 - October 1
countess_9- October 29
kushrenada_13 - October 20
preventer_water - August 7
13_tearsofarose - September 30</font>

Easy-add Console
1. Go to http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console/
2. Copy and Paste in box provided:
friend add perfectlydeadly
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