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Growing Up Gotti : A Real Life Series ft. Victoria Gotti & the Hottie Gottis

Hotti Gotti

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GROWING UP GOTTI reveals the life of a most intriguing woman. Victoria Gotti is a best-selling author, a nationally syndicated columnist and a celebrated personality, who also happens to be a divorced mother of three teenage boys, and the daughter of the late John Gotti. Now, Victoria Gotti is allowing viewers unprecedented access to her unique work and social life, along with her home life with her sons.

GROWING UP GOTTI is an unscripted look inside Victoria’s real life of Victoria Gotti as she balances family, work, and the dating scene. Those who only know her as the daughter of the late John Gotti are in for a surprising look at a multi-dimensional working mom. From interviewing A-list celebrities on the red carpet to going on a date arranged by a celebrity match maker to contemplating and undergoing her first round of Botox injections to whipping up a big pot of “gravy” for a Sunday family dinner, each episode offers an unvarnished look at one of America’s most fascinating women. GROWING UP GOTTI also features the explosive presence of her three sons, Frank, Carmine, and John (or as they are sometimes called, “the Hottie Gottis”). The four Gottis are an incredible centerpiece to this bold new real-life series.

Growing Up Gotti airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on A&E.
Season 2 starts Monday January 10,2005 at 9pm two

two new back to back episodes

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