johnny's contacts

you know how some people wanna know wut contacts john has? well i found out! he has the same exact ones like me. the blues ones that he has...the brand name are called expressions n they have really deep color variatees (totally spelled it wrong lol) but yeah i was just staring at his eyes n im like oh my god i have those. so yeah just thought to post this!
::LoLa:: grooovy <3


Check your local listings.
On Sunday, October 30th on VH1 Carmine will be on a new show called:
"So you think you can sing?"
It begins at 10 p.m. for us east coasters and 9 p.m. for you west coasters. Everyone in between, no clue,

new episode!

aww the new episode was so funny. thank god john chose to stay in new york! i guess mama gotti always has it go her way lol. n the funniest part was at the end when luigi was signing autographs with pics of him lmao!! hes too cute. but man johnny boy was lookin fione too.


what colleges do Carmine and John go to? i've heard Carmine goes to cw post then i've heard other places and i've heard John goes to Brown, Boston College, cw post, and Northeastern one of my friends sisters goes to cw post and said that she goes to school with Carmine and John so i'm completely confused can anyone clue me in? thanks a bunch!

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That was such a good episode! I love how Robert kept arguing with the tattoo guy and then got all sweaty when they did the tattoo. He's crazy. Carmine's looking good you guys. They didn't show much of Frankie though. I was a little disappointed.
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