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A&E axes ‘Growing up Gotti’ and Vicki moans, ‘its like a death’

“Growing up Gotti” sleeps with the fishes.

“its like a death” the A&E shows star, Victoria Gotti, told the post yesterday

The cable network has whacked the reality show that followed the lives of writer Victoria-the daughter of the late crime boss John Gotti- and her three hair-gel loving sons, Carmine Agnello,20, John Angello,19, and Frankie Agnello,15.
“to be honest, I have mixed emotions”, Gotti said. “we’re tired, but we loved doing it. We had an absolute ball doing the show- even the kids who had to put in these tough schedules, as much as they complained, kids are going to be kids, and they loved it.”

The show ran for three seasons beginning in 2004, totaling more than 40 episodes. When it began airing “Growing up Gotti” was the highest rated program in A&E history, drawing more than 3.2 million viewers. It soon dropped to a three-season average of 1.2 million.

“I was really surprised we had the staying power of 40 episodes,” Gotti said, adding that she and A&E are in talks about possibly producing a spin-off.

“we’re going to look for opportunities to continue our relationship with Victoria and the boys,” said A&E’s nonfiction programming chief, Nancy Dubuc. “we’re spending a lot of time talking about what the next appropriate show might be”

“we’ve been kicking around different ideas,” Gotti said. “one is about the boys being grown up.”
Gotti said she thinks the series was a “springboard” for her sons, with the two older ones pursing careers in the entertainment industry.

Carmine, his mom says, is considering three offers from the music industry-she declined to say from whom. John is slated to appear in a movie with rapper Snoop Dogg that begins filming in January, she added.

Both are also working to open restaurants called Chow Bella, one in Manhattan, the other on Long Island. And Frankie is planning on opening his second tanning salon. “between all of that, I really feel like I want a little bit of a break,” she said.

Source: New York Post
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