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#15 Seasick-ness plus icon

I'm back from hiatus! :D I've decided to update once a week instead of my unsteady patterns in the past. My updates will most likely be on the weekends. Hopefully this'll also give me more time to draw and think up the comics. I already have two weeks worth of comics just in case though.. XD

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I promised someone a "my favorite pink girl" icon a lot time ago. I'm sorry this has taken so long. D:
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Also, feel free to make your own greengirl icons (just credit me for the art)! :D If you do make any, please link me there cause I'd love to see them.
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I'm sorry you guys. I've been a really bad comic maintainer person lately. School has just been .. crazy, and I've had little freetime. I'll be back, promise. Just taking a break for awhile. :)

ps: If you haven't seen the post concerning Katrina yet, please click here.
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#14 Lend a Helping Hand .. Katrina donation information

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With the recent tragedy, I'm sure everyone is aware of how important it is right now for people to come together and help each other out. There are many, many ways for you to make a difference. Please consider each of the choices below (as well as others available to you that I haven't listed here!) and Elphaba, Galinda, moi, and everyone else here at Green Girl will appreciate your efforts. ♥ Believe me, every penny, canned food, hour of work, everything and anything counts.

The Red Cross
The Red Cross is accepting blood, tissue, and cash donations. If you are unable to donate any of those, then you can also volunteer.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is accepting cash donations.
"A $100 donation will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies."

Operation Blessing
Accepting cash donations.
"Operation Blessings tractor trailer trucks are delivering food, water and emergency supplies every day to relief partners like the Salvation Army. OBI staff members are coordinating with FEMA, other nonprofits and local churches to ensure relief is delivered immediately and effectively."

America's Second Harvest
Accepting cash, food, and volunteers.
"America's Second Harvest, The Nation's Food Bank Network is the nation's largest charitable hunger-relief organization"

Websites helping out children victims:

Oh! Speakup!
It's free. For each person who registers they will send $1 to the children victims of the hurricaine, so if you're broke (like I am) and you feel like you can't help (like I did before I did this), you still can! It asks your name, age, zip code and email. (They won't spam your inbox, so don't worry.)
(No available phone number.)
"The patients of the New Orleans Children’s Hospital have been evacuated to Houston in the aftermath one of the worst natural disasters in US history. Help raise money to assist these children and their families in this very difficult time."

Texas Children's Hospital
They accept check and credit online, by mail, or by phone.
Contact Debbie Coomer at 832-824-6806 or Jayne Dumolt at 832-824-6818 for more information.

(thanks to kuro_nyoko)

"If you don't have the plastic necessary to make donations, feel free to ask around. If not your parents, then there should be plenty of other people (teachers, etc.) who will help you in that regards. Don't let that be your stumbling block. (I say this as a teacher who has made the same offer to my students.)"
-- theinfamousj

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide a short description for every charity website. If you want to help write information about a website ((perferably a short description (can be copy and pasted from the website if you wish), what kinds of donations they are accepting, a phone number to donate to if available, and the website URL)), then comment here and I will add it. Thank you. If you wish to only leave a website URL (I will be checking each website), that is fine as well.

Other places accepting donations:

Websites helping out the animals:

The Network for Good, and CNN have a good list of places to donate to as well. LJ Spotlight has a post about Katrina and Charity Navigator has more suggestions on how you can make a difference.

Feel free to link to this post anywhere you want. The more people aware, the better.

If you spot any errors, please let me know.

Thank you.
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CD doodles

heeey. Sorry there haven't been many updates lately. :( I've been sort of busy and have had little free time on the computer. While going through my CD collection a few days ago however, I found CD with the first Elphaba and Galinda doodles I did in the style you see for Green Girl today. And so ta da! Digital camera out and here you go.

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also.. anyone here in the path of Katrina? Stay safe. ♥