Type of request: CD Cover
Size your request should be(if diffrent from picture size):475 x 472
What you would like it to say(if anything): Kelseyville Class of 2006
Font and color of writing: Color: Orange any font.
Border(and color of border): Black
Any additional details: I'm making this for my classes graduation so, if it could be done before Friday that'd be great. Our colors are Black and Orange, and we're the last class to graduate as the Indians.

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Hi buddies!

I'm mylene, deaf bookish girl and new to this community so i'm asking for some requests, if it's okay with you?

I wonder if you can make me some layouts or headers (just for me)?

if yes, i will email you some pics of me .. if it's okay.

I would like it to be unique and simply beautiful, you know ... I would like this to be or, but you can make ur own ideas to create the layouts or headers ... you know what i mean?

Because i would like to put the new layout(s) to saved in my photobucket and maybe change the old LJ layout to the new LJ layout .. I will see what I can do.

Well, if you have any questions, please email me @

Thank you!
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The Master Dances
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Graphic Requsts

I need a bunch of graphics
I need a bunch of graphic headers for my fan fiction pages. It's a long list so I will cut it. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I don't require the same person to do all of them. I will credit those that help me. For many of them I can also supply pictures to use. :)



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Icon request?

Type of request: Icon/Animated Icon
Size your request should be(if diffrent from picture size): 100x100 pixels (for use as a LJ icon only..)
What you would like it to say(if anything): N/A
Font and color of writing: N/A
Border(and color of border): Doesn't need one
Any additional details: I want an icon of Curious George (the new 2006 Will ferrel Movie) and in the trailer and movie there is a scene where Curious George eats a bubble and makes this face where he sticks out his tongue. I'd love an icon of it animated (from the bubble to the little face he makes)if you need a video of the trailer I'll have to find one, I just wanted some advice on if this is an ok request...etc.. Any help appreciated!
Rinoa and Squall

(no subject)

Type of request: Award one, for an icon I got third place on in an icon contest, our banner maker is very busy so I said I would request one somewhere else
Size your request should be: Whatever is easiest for you, like FO banner size
What you would like it to say: Congrats Iliveon7! You have won Third Place at Final Fantasy Icons!!
(in smaller print:) Contest: Water
Font and color of writing: Black, and something scripty but I am really not too picky
Border(and color of border): No Thank you
Any additional details: Can you incoporate this in it somewhere:

Please&Thank you very much
1d/ boyfronds

(no subject)

So, I'm more than seriously graphic-making-ly challenged, no matter how much i try to convince myself other wise and i have this vision of the perfect header for my LJ in my head but I can;t make it myself. Would anyone be willing to make it for me? I'll put what I want under here...Collapse )

Thank you soooo much in advance!!!
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