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The world's an ugly place...

...but you're so beautiful to me.

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You go to those ratings communities and you get scattered yes' and no's. Usually, the people who vote you no have something ignorant or hurtful to say afterwards. Not here. I wanted this community to be a honest, yet very nice ranking system, in which if you're voted no, you can come back in 2 weeks to see if you can make it in with better pictures. Either way, we're not ignorant, and if someone decides to be, they're outta here. We will not place your name on a rejected list. I feel that it's very embaressing and stupid. Enjoy your stay here at Gorgeous_!

1) You must be a member of Gorgeous_ to be rated.

2) To be rated by our members, you must post the survey below with atleast (+3) pictures, including 1 face shot.

3) Make sure pictures aren't too blurry. Some contrast issues aren't a big deal.

4) Do not alter your pictures. Do not airbrush, paint, or draw on any of the photos you submit.

5) Do not post nude pictures. If we see any nudity, you will be banned and your entry will be deleted.

6) Do not disrespect the members if we give you a no. We will not be ignorant to you, therefore, you will not be ignorant to us.

7) Do not make comments on other people's entries if you are not stamped. Otherwise, you will be banned. You may not vote on members if you are not stamped. Easy.

8) You can promote your community here. The more the merrier. Just remember to promote us.

9) When a mod posts [the subject will say Mod-] do not vote.
10) Always use the LJ cut. If you don't know how, just ask.

11) There will be a 2 day limit for voting. After the 2 days the decision will be made if you're in or out.

12) To know if you read the rules or not, in the subject line, put "Am I Beautiful?"

That's it. The rules are simple. Check below to find out what you can do if you're accepted or rejected.

1) Name:

2) Age:

3) Location:

4) Favorite actress:

5) Favorite actor:

6) Favorite movie:

7) Hobbies:

8) How did you find this community?:

9) Why do you want to be a member of Gorgeous_?:

10) Describe yourself in 3 words:

11) What makes a person gorgeous?:

12) What really bugs you in life?:

If you're accepted please start voting on other memebers ASAP. Do not vote on anyone below your post. You have a link to us on your journal. Once accepted, you may post any pictures, just make sure your subject states that you're stamped so people don't vote on you. You can also make any text entries that you want stating any questions, comments, or concerns, etc.

If you're rejected there will be another chance for you to come back and see if you can be accepted. Actually, if you are rejected and rejected and rejected you can come back every 2 weeks to post new pictures and see if you get new votes. Also, if you're rejected, please don't bash us or the members. We're sorry, truely. You can keep us on your community list, but you can't make any posts or comments on other members unless you are stamped. Again, we're sorry.

Owners- Nikki & Kayla

Mod- Sarah

Co-Mods- Sarah & Kayla


Lauren Jules Annie Nicole Sammie Stephanie Maria Lauren Krysten Jen Mandy Kayla Kitty Kinsey Kasie Holly Jamie Cat Yael Christina Dezmond Erin Abby Christina Amanda Joy Jairya Alana Casey Stephanie Jane Sarah Jessica Jamie Rachel Elizabeth Vanessa Whitley Stina Georgieann Gaby Simone Rob Michelle Sarah Beth Talia Krystle Britany Nicole Becca Carin Lynn Sarah Kristine Nikki Randi

Start joining!

All the graphics on this community were made by Sarah and Sarah . I take no credit for any graphics.

I got this journal code from Jules.



еда, здоровье, праздники