amy (amyhatesyou) wrote in gorge0us_,

am i gorgeous?

Name- Amy

Age- 17

Birthday- April 3rd, 1986

Location- chicago, IL

3 traits about yourself- i'm witty, i'm not afraid to be honest, i like videogames.

Favorite bands- my chemical romance, brand new, the used, alkaline trio, glassjaw, head automatica, sparta, at the drive in, busdriver, the roots, finch, staind, the shape, the gorillaz, tomahawk, the avalanches, dialated peoples, seatbelts, raidohead, a perfect circle, outkast, etc.

What will you bring to this community?- i like being able to post pictures where people appreciate them. it'll be fun for all of us to sit around and flatter each other. stuff like that totally makes my day. i'll bring pictures and tons of funny comments.

demonstrating my super powers.

haha...woo. i'm a geek.

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