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1.Name- Heidi
2.Age- 14
3.Birthday- september 29th
4.Location- 3 hoe 5
5.Three traits about yourself (describe)- [[1]] i have freckles all over my body, but I have 2 weird freckles. I have 1 on my foot and 1 on my stomach. [[2]] being a mixed person, im very open to different things + pplz opinions as long as dey dont disrespect you in the process [[3]] i have a big K00L AID SMILE ! =D
6.Favorite bands - i dont have a favorite band but i really like alicia keys.
7.Embarassing story- last christmas i was at my auntys house + my uncle was there and he walks up to me + my sister and he says ''0MG HEIDI..look at you!''.. im like okay wat? hes like i remember how UGLY you used 2 be, rebecca [ my sister ] was always the pretty 1 we put all our faith into her but look at you now.. u dont look THAT BAD any more..he said dat in fucking front of every1.. i felt like shit
What is your opinion on...
8.Drugs, alcohol- drugs r BAD.. but drinking is kool if its on special occasions just as long as you dont over do it. its not what i call a good hobby.
9.Gay relationships- whatever floats your straight but i aint got a problem with it as long as you happy.
10.Abortion- abortion is killin somebody. why would you kill somebody when they did nothing wrong.. you did.
11.Body Art- i call body art what they did on americas next top model. where the girls got naked and they covered their whole body with pant and then a photohgrapher took pictures of them. I thought that was too pretty, I hope im able to do that 1 day =)
12.Are you gorgeous? rate me
13.What will you bring to this community?- i will bring my knowledge and support.

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