Pretty Toy Video.

Click on the above picture to see the Pretty Toy Video... If you do not have high speed internet do not bother trying to watch it.. Sorry. Shawn Gaddy did this with a very low budget, i am very impressed (this is the best video i've seen in ages), so much so i am trying to get him a budget so we can work on a full dvd with Jef Harris the maker of the Decypher Video. If you wish to watch the older decypher video please click here. I'd like to thank Jef and Chaos Academy for hosting these vac videos... more are soon to come.. This is my gift to you fans. Enjoy this wretched holiday (corporate slave) season.

Check Out:

PS: Here is the low quality version of the Pretty Toy Video for dial up users. The sound is not all that great, but it will allow people with slow connections to enjoy the video... It is in Real Media format. Click Here To View.

So Vile...


-Basic crap-

(1) Name-Sara aka Scara Asphyxia
(2) Age-20
(3) Sex-Fem
(4) Location-Jacksonville, Florida
(5) Sexuality-Straight
(6) Fetishes-Corsetry, biting, shoes


(1) Bands- Queen, AFI, The Faint, Action Action, Benni Bennisai, The Mars Volta, TV on the Radio, Melt Banana, My Chemical Romance...So many, it's my life. I'm a band promoter.

(2) Movies- Igby Goes Down, Pi, Requiem for a dream, Session 9, Donnie Darko, Kill Me Later, Amelie, Reservoir Dogs, Night of the Living Dead, Pumpkin , SLC Punk, Monty Python, Pulp Fiction, House of 1000 Corpse,s The Ring, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissor Hands

(3) Novels- The Portriat of Dorian Gray, A Tale of Two Cities, Anything by Whitley Strieber or Dan Brown.

(4) Authors-See above

(5) Colors-Lime green, indigo, black and silver

(6) Weapons-Sai's

(7) Article of clothing- I LOVE shoes...and my Blazers

-Getting personal-

(1) Single? Yes

(2) How far have you gone with a guy? Um. I have slept with a guy.

(3) With a girl? Kissed

(4) Have you ever used playpiercings, scalpols, etc. in bed? Yes.


(1) Abortion-Against. It's not a form of birthcontrol

(2) Suicide-Against. Duh.

(3) Murder-It's natures balance.

(4) Little 13 year olds having sex-I hate it. But I wasn't much older

-It's finally over-

(1) What makes you a gore whore? Um. I made a color bar that says "Gore is Fucking Love". I love gore. I am not a whore.

(2) Promote us to 2 different places and show us the links- want pictures?