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if anyone lives in the UK and can get me a copy of Kerrang magizine, please let me know. i will be happy to send you money for it, but it goes of newsstands by wednesday!
please email me at teedl@yahoo.com

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oh god.
PLEASE tell me that someone has an extra ticket to the acoustic GC show at the 930 club. I just need ONE. So if like, you bought an extra for a friend, and now they can't go, or something like that. I am so desperate to go.

If you have an extra ticket, could you contact me?
aim : emeparx
email : paintxpastelxprincessx@hotmail.com

oh it hurts to be this good,

ps - cross posted to gcfans, goodcharlotte, goodcharlotte_, and hxcgcfans. Because, as I said. I am desperate.

Vote for Gc

Everyone please please pleas emake sure you vote for Good Charlotte to win the Viwerer's choice award here's the link:

then you click on the thing that says good charlotte vs. switchfoot and vote alot please!!thanx


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hey every1 i jus joined! i luv gc!!!!!!!1 billy n benji r soooooooooo hott omg!!!!!!!!! but teh othr guyz r lyk sooooooo ugly,ew!!!!!!!!
i think they r a tru punk band,i dont kare wut any1 sez,theyre r tru punk rawkerz! jus lyk me!!
sum1 plz add me,i hav no friends on hear!!!
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Autographed GC Shirt

Hi, I am selling an Autographed Good Charlotte T-shirt. It was signed by all the band members (including ex-drummer Dusty Brill), and the design on the front was done by GC's own Billy.

Please check it out HERE
if you're interested.

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