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auditions for bye bye birdie are this tuesday (9/7) if you've EVER even thought you'd be interested, come and audition. it's super easy and fun! i promise you'll have a great time during rehearsals and practices and stuff. if you dont, tell me. and i'll give you candy....or something.

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when i noticed that there were more and more people from ghs getting livejournals, i thought, hmm, lets make a community for goochland high school. and then i did. :D

but this community isnt just for the highschool, its for the entire county! so, feel free to post information about anything goochland!

+goochland news (meetings, events, etc..)
+school events (performances, games, etc..)
+school news (closings, important events, etc..)
...anything else you may feel is important to share with everyone

if you have any questions, direct them to me. thanks!
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