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Ok So Sunday was my 20th birthday and here's a couple pics. We didn't take many so there's only 5.

My parents and my boss and his wife took me and David onto the SunCruz Casino boat. It was cool but after 2 hours I was over it. And we were on theer for 5. I won $150 on one slot machine and then $200 on another slot machine!! Go me! *l0l*

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Before I resinged from being MOD, I took a poll on what you guys would like to do. Either keep what we have for a list of the members, or if you guys would like to have a member's page instead. Out of the votes casted, you guys chose a member's page.

Since you guys chose a member's page, I will then need a picture of you with atleast your name on it. If you don't have one with your name on it, then I will be glad to do it for you. Please leave them in a comment in this post.



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Hey guys,
just wanted to let you know that the community isn't closing! I'm going to be taking over the MOD position, Stephanie will still be a co-mod to finish up some things.

I'm thinking about having another scavenger hunt so if anybody has any ideas leave a comment here.
Also I'd like to have a contest running. I already have an idea for it so I'll post it later.