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Glam Whores

♥Glamorous Whores♥
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<font face="Trebuchet MS"> <font color="#000000"<small> <font size="2"> ·COMMUNITY.-
this community was created on o4.18.2oo4. the purpose of this community is for all you lj users out there to post your pictures - wether they're of yourself, latest enhancements, a new tattoo, hair color, or piercings.

· Rules.-
if you're posting pictures that you consider to be of a big-ish size, or you're posting more than 3 pictures then please use the LJ cut tag. Please be respectful. No surveys/quizzes. Don't put yourself down. If you really thought your pics were ugly you wouldn't be posting them.
Nudity must be put behind an LJ-Cut with a warning, and any person nude in a picture must be at least 18 years of age
-Want to promote your community? Ask by e-mail first. Promoting without asking will get you banned without warning.

the current owner of this community is <lj user="PinkStars_">

Any Questions, complaints, and reports of abuse can be sent to Angelovmine79@aol.com
Thank you

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