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I been feeling a little out of love lately...I been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. We've had our problems here and there. But now I feel so deeply in love with him, now more than ever. Last night I was at his house and we were lying down in his bed with arms rapped around each other watching T.V and I turned to him and said " Babe I am so in love with you" (expecting to hear it back) and he turned to me and smile and gave me a kiss... I then turned back to the T.V and started thinking, does he love me like I love him. I mean he ALWAYS tells me he loves me. But I am started to feel that maybe he is just used to being with me or something.. God I don't know why but I think I am into deep.....

Another thing is we don't get to spend time together besides our day off which is on Monday.. This Monday is Valentine and I have a little something planned out for us.
I am taking us to get a neck, shoulder, and back massage (something he always wanted to do), then I am taking him to this police museum ( which he is a police and I know he will love that) then he has planned dinner and something else at night.

Well I guess I am going to talk to him later about my little problem above =/ .....
Have a great weekends and a lovely Valentine's !!!
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