emily (x0x_em) wrote in girls_only_,

okay so i have a little bitty problem...

okay so if you haven't read the post in my journal under the cut that says "long but worth the read" you would have to read it in order to help me out...

okay so this guy sam, the one that i'm talking about in the post..is really...really cute (and smells fabulous lol) but anyway..everything that happened, idk if it counts because he was drunk. i don't even know if he remembers any of it. i mean, i saw him in school today..3 times, i didn't want to look at him in the eyes because i didn't know what he'd think. but i'm in chorus with him, and that's the only class (now we're in select together though..i can't wait till that starts) but anyway..i never really see him, and i don't know if he remembers it.
it was one of the best times i've had in a really long time, cuz i was with people that made me feel different, but yet..very comfortable. i just wish i could talk to him to see if he thinks the same things as me. i am not getting my hopes up because well, he's a senior...and there's not that high of a posibility with us (i'm a freshman). but that's not my prob. i don't care if he doesn't wanna go out.i just want to know if he remembers the stuff that happened...if he cares at all.

but i don't know his sn, and i don't want to ask my friend because she might think i'm like obsessed. which i'm not. it's just different for me..but anyway hopefully i was understood by all.

the worst part is, my sister (who's in 7th grade) found out about what happened and i'm afraid she'll tell my mom. (my mom think's sam was a girl and in 11th grade lol). just..give me some advice about this situation....anyone?!
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