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Welcome, to Girls_Love__.

Hopefully after this community grows, I hope this will become a place where women of all ages can come to: meet other women, vent of anything and everything, share pictures, ask for advice, tell secrets, and make long lasting friendships.

All I ask is if you have a large photo or extremely long post; use the LJ cut. please :)

Onward. A little about your creator. My name is Lindsay. I am from a small.. city/town; whichever you'd like to call it. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I'm currently 19 years of age. Aries. Just a girl looking for new friends. Some of my interests consist of cars(ie Volkswagen), shopping, traveling, photography, art, music, and much much more.

Here are my contacts, Feel Free to contact me Whenever!
aim: pxinkxx
aol email: pxinkxx@aol.com

Thank You for joining!!

sincerely<3 Linds