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Garden Club


Garden Club Away!
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On warm wednesdays we all meet at Catalina's house after school, wearing floral print and gardening gloves. We take all the tools out of the shed in the corner of her yard, and we start digging up weeds. We listen to foreign music from a little radio on the deck, and sometimes the music isn't foreign. we put the weeds and twigs in big paper bags and put them in the front yard to be taken by the trashmen. After a few hours we put everything away and go inside to eat some food. We drink juice and eat tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and sometimes pizza bites and mozzarella sticks. We lay in the hammock outside and sit around the plastic round table on the deck and tell stories. We always have really good stories.

Sometimes we light candles and insense, and even when it's raining outside.. we sit there and tell stories. we've even gone under tables. Sometimes we even play video games after gardening. When catalina's mom comes home from work we show her what we've done for the day, and she gets proud of us and makes us some more food and says funny things in her thick spanish accent, then takes those of us who aren't Catalina home.

The best thing is that none of us have ever been serious about gardening. one day Catalina decided she would build her muscles by pulling weeds, and she wanted to plant flowers allover her jungle of a back yard. Katelyn and Adra made her dream come true by sneaking into her house one fine wednesday and gardening with her. That's how garden club was born.

Anyone is welcome to come, as long as they can pull weeds and plant flowers and drag big paper bags of things to the front yard. As long as they can tell stories and talk about things and they like mozzarella cheese.

every wednesday after school.. garden club away!