Think you have what it takes?

Apply today!

Gorgeous? or NOT?
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d0 y0u have what it takes?!
-pr0ve it!

-\rules for applicants:
+ you must be a member before applying.
+ you must be stamped before you are allowed to cast a vote for other applicants.
+ you must put your application behind an LJ cut(if you don't know how to do this, it's in the LJ FAQ)! the cut must read "do you think i'm gorgeous?" before it will even be read.
+ respect your mods! we have the final say.
+ if you aren't accepted, don't bitch.
+ you may not re-apply for admission until one week after first application. you have three days once that week has passed to put in another application. we can't wait forever!
+ you must post at least 3 pictures of yourself including an icon-sized picture (100x100). this will be used if you are accepted! :)

+ name:
+ age:
+ location:
+ status:
+ fave book & magazine:
+ fave artist/band:
+ personal top 5 songs:
+ interests:
+ were you invited? if so, by who?:
+ promote us somewhere! [show links!] :
+ why should you be accepted? :

-\rules for stamped members:
+ once accepted, it is necessary that you vote and promote. that will keep this community going.
+ when voting, make sure to put your vote in the comment's subject line. that will make it much easier to count votes.
+ vote honestly. if you don't like 'em, don't give 'em a 'yes'.
+ make sure that you help out your fellow members, especially if applicants start with an attittude.

What are you waiting for?! APPLY! :)