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Girly, Gorgeous...GLAM!

Only the most GLAM survive.

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Glamour : (noun): alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

Glamourous : (adj): having an air of allure, romance and excitement

Gorgeous : (adj): dazzlingly beautiful

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We are fashion, we are gorgeous, we are girly... we are glamorous!

If you aren't Gorgeous, Girly or GLAM... just don't apply!! (We know the difference.)

Be 15 & older. We may make exceptions. Please get an approval from a MOD. (Have a good reason)

Don't be immature if you get rejected. If you are as Gorgeous & Glam as you think you are then you should be able to act the part. Just move on!

Gangsta isn't gorgeous; be a lady or get out.

Take your time on the application! Do not be ‘fake’ we don’t want your online alter ego here! We want you… BE YOU!!

Do not be nasty to any of the members it’s an automatic reject! If you decide to act immature we are not going to waste our time arguing with you… you are obviously NOT ‘Glam’! & now Banned!

Don't comment until you are approved. Regardless of what is said about you. It's annoying as hell.

Members of GLAM do not want their friend’s page clogged up; please post all pictures & large entries behind an lj-cut.

Do not reply to comments in your applications unless someone asks you to convince them to say yes. If you want to add someone or ask them something outside of what is posted on their app go to their personal journal to do it!

If & when you are accepted to ‘Glam’ when making your first post the subject MUST say "stamped".

Nudity vs. Porn there is a difference! Learn it.

DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR COMMUNITIES IN HERE!!! I don’t care what it is! You will be reported!

You do not have to promote us in your app., but IF you get accepted I will have you promote us then.

Put “I Sparkle, I Dazzle… I’m GLAM” in the title portion so I know you read all of these Glamorous rules.

If any of the rules are not followed you may be banned from 'GLAM'. The rules are pretty easy, follow them!
If you have any questions about 'GLAM' or any of the Rules make sure you ask us! That is why we are here!

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When voting on applicants: Please justify your vote. Don't just say "yes" or "no". Explanations are just respectful! ♥
Please put the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the comment line before you make your explanations!

I do not require the +/- system for explanations just opinions!

Be honest with the applicants! That is why they apply… for opinions! If you do not feel that they would add to ‘GLAM’ then tell them why! Do not make petty attacks for race, gender, sexuality, etc. Be a grown up, if you desire to act childish join a different community!

Please promote us wherever & whenever you can; the more Glam members the better! Tell your ‘Glam’ lj friends to join! Promote! Promote! Promote! Just please do not spam. (LJ will suspend you)!

If any of you ever have a comment, complaint, idea, situation, problem etc. with ‘GLAM’ or its Mods, members, applicants, sister communities anything please let us know! That is why we are here… for you!

The future of ‘GLAM’ relies on its members! Its success is determined by its members and applicants! Please stay active, please promote! Let’s keep ‘GLAM’ alive! You are ‘GLAM’!!

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Age/ Birthday:
Eye Color:
Hair color:
Best physical feature:
Worst physical feature:
Describe yourself in 5 words:
Describe your style:
Where do you shop? (Don’t say upscale shops like Gucci if you don’t really shop there!)
What part of your personality would you change?
Why is it so fabulous to be female?
What makes you girly?
What item in your wardrobe or accessory/ make-up collection could you not live without?
What is your fashion obsession?
Define ‘Fashion’ in your own words and thoughts of what fashion is to you?
Favorite designer. Why?
Favorite color. Why?
Do you prefer: dayprime or nightlife?
How do you feel about plastic surgery?
How do you feel about models?
If you could live in another ‘fashion’ time period. What era/ time period would you choose?
Imagine that you are in a beauty contest what award would you be given. Miss____________.
Why do you think you are ‘GLAM’.
Convince us. Why should we accept you as an honorary member of ‘GLAM’?

*Now post at least 3 pictures of yourself!
1: Your style; your fashion (what do you wear everyday or maybe your FAV. outfit! Show us!)
2: Headshot/ face (We want to see ‘YOU’. Your eyes, your expressions, your face!! Your do… ‘How does it ‘do’ that!)
3: Your everyday make-up style (We want to see how you put it all on! Day or night! Heavy or not!! Let’s see it!)
Post anything else that shows you & your GLAM! Just don’t overload us w/ YOU!

Are you. Yes or no.

♥Take your time with the application. Be honest! We want to see the real you!! If you end up being fake we may hate you & may have loved the real you!! Be you!♥


Join L'Elite.
Very active//Short yet original application//Over 200 hot &smart members//After being induced into the community, members will never have to promote//Males & females welcome//Diversity worshipped//Always over 15 applications to vote on//Fun contests & picture themes with prizes//Sister communities welcome-comment here



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