June 18th, 2005

Me Corset

Grabed a good deal!

On Another note I went mini shopping nothing big and well there are these cute sandals I have been wanting for a while but they aren't anything big I just think they are cute different, kinda naughty and flirty! Well I saw them original in Bakers and well in the beginning they were $50.00 and then they went done $10.00 so they were $40.00... Well the other day I went with my Mom to Bergenline its area near by me where I haven't been in a long time because its a spot where its just stores and stores not a mall area or anything like that and well how about I saw them for $22.99 at easypickens and I was like shit i am going to get them here cuz they are mad cheep. I wanted them in green but they didn't have my size so I got them in white which in bakers they didn't have them in white! SO screw you BAKERS...LOL