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Hello kitty


I al pleading please donate anything you can to the victums. I was literally crying and teary eyed all day. Please I am donating clothes since I am SOOO broke. Please donate. I will post links up once I find them. I am pleding with everyone. This fucking is breaking my heart soo much to see this. PLEASE DONATE CLOTHES, FOOD, SHOES, TIME , MONEY, HELP ANYTHING. This sunday at DC Armory will fill up with 400 victums. PLEASE I PLED OF EVERYONE HELP !!! The goverment is shit and they take this long to help. Then they call it looting when people are getting food and supplies and such. NO ITS JUST SURVIVAL. PLEASE HELP

Adriana Lima (xlooking)

Make Up Pics

For those who haven't seen already or who don't know me,
I haven't posted here in a while and I though I would post my make up skills.
I really love them and think that they came out great

I am not showing them all it's just a lil preview if you want to see more you would have to come to my journal but for the most part here they are
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Me Corset

(no subject)

Hey guys... I have been MIA but I am back. I just wanted to post that whenever you guys are having a problem with someone here please leave me a post on my journal letting me know whats going on. So that I may be able to resolve it. If someone is being a basher or rude or a bully let me know! That is what I am here for. That kind of stuff isn't tollerated here. Even if I am MIA from my Journal doesn't mean I am going to abandon all the other journal communites that I am a part of. That is the reason why I was appointed mod.

I hope you gals are doing great! Lova ya's and keep up the good work!
Crazy Gloria

(no subject)

Hey sexy mamas, I'm leaving a bunch of communities and I'm sorry to say that g_l_a_m_ is one of them. I really enjoyed it here. If you wanna add me to your friends list go right ahead and I'll add you back!
Hello kitty


I feel sorry for all those girls who come on this site to talk trash. Trust me if you want to I will but not here because this is a site for GLAM, meaning fashion, beauty, body, ect....not bashing. So keep your hating comments to yourself. Because I have no shame to tell you what I really think.......And we DONT PREMOTE UNHEALTHY EATING!! OR EATING DISORDERS. If you have one I am sorry I offened you but we just dont!

Behold a example

Hope you guys are having a great summer!!
Me Corset

New affiliate

Hey Girlies for those who don't know I am the New Maintainer for And would love to see some of you there as well especially if you love Victoria Secret or the Models or anything pertaining to VS!! Plus G_L_A_M_ and VS_Shopping are affiliated!! There isn't much to joining VS_Shopping only just the fact that you have to love Victoria Secret and anything that deals with them! The Rules Are posted there anyways so you can have idea what is expected and wanted from the community!! Go Check it out if you get the chance!