i might have a schedule problem this weekend. My drill is on sunday instaed of saturday, so it would be good if i could do a a friday nighter. I have more info on the Cornwall Building. My mom just went there and said she felt something weird. She said that it "... felt like there was something out of place..." and "... kept seeing things out of the corner of her eye". she found a similar building called the Crawford House, a big mansion in Flint that's supposedly haunted. if anyone's up for it friday, give me a call 516 3030.


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The first trip was fun! We (Josh, Marshelle, Aaron, and I) went out to Grand Blanc to the cemetary on Perry and Genesee, Hill and 4-75ish and searched for the Cornwall Building. It was an interesting first hunt, with not a lot of results, but hey, first time is amatuer night. I was having some technical difficulties with my camera, so that definately affected the results. I also have some new info on the Cornwall building. Turns out, it really DOES exsist. When my mom worked for Big Brothers Big sisters of Greater Flint she had a few meetings there. She got me a map of it (since we couldn't find it the first time, and gave up after and hour of searching) and i'm gonna check it out later this week.

On a brighter note, I'm planning a 'hunt' this next Saturday night. I'm looking into a few places in the area (or some even out, depending on how many people are interested). If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to post.


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This is the first entry of the GAGH. I would like to introduce myself (in case we get any new members). My name is Alyson and I'm the creator and moderator of this community. My(our) goal is to investigate 'haunted places' in search of the paranormal. I have to lay down some ground rules for this community before we get started. If anyone wants to add or comment on any of these rules, you can contact me at

I want to make it clear that this is a safe haven for people and their beliefs. Everyone has their own beliefs on the afterlife, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion HOWEVER, this is NOT a place to debate what is right and judge others on what they think is right. In other words, DO NOT DISCUSS RELIGION ON THIS COMMUNITY. Thanks.

Also, I would like to try to stay on topic with the posts. Please, keep in the general discussion of the paranormal. That can include experences, schedules and times open for hunts, places of interest and questions about the hunters and what we find.

Have fun and happy hunting!