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fucking egotistical

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[04/22/05 @ 10:29pm]


MOD [04/13/05 @ 1:15pm]

this community is hereby closed and will be deleted at the end of the week. if someone else wishes to take over you may do as you wish. just contact me before saturday and i will gladly put you under maintainer-ship.

thank you. sorry guys.

if you want to still be in a community run by me, join daretobe___ free of application. all you need to do is post a picture and its url for the members page and let me know you joined.

MOD [04/11/05 @ 12:15am]

alright... the new community is called daretobe___ i haven't opened it yet but everyone here is welcome to join free of application before i open it to the public.

and i want bucketofur_lies to be my mod... so IM me sometime or we can just leave LJ messages if we can't get in touch... (aim- toomuchnovicaine)
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MOD [04/10/05 @ 2:54pm]

alright. i hope to open the new community today. i don't have a name for it yet, but i think i'd like bucketofur_lies to be the other mod. since she's really active and stuff. and we have the same name.

i'll update you on when it's opened.

ps... ashleigh... i need your AIM sn so we can talk about stuffs... you can just IM me on TooMuchNovicaine mmkay? =P

MOD [04/05/05 @ 1:19pm]

so i've decided that once i get internet access in my room again, i'm going to close this community and start a new one. i'll want another mod, someone who's guaranteed to be active, and anyone in this community who wants to join is free of an application if they join in the first 2 weeks. i think there's like 2 people besides me in this community that even post, so they're the ones who might be offered mod jobs.

i don't know when this will be but pretty soon.

if you'd like to mod, leave a comment.

or comment if you have anything else you'd like to say.

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posting time [03/31/05 @ 4:58pm]
time for a post
alot.Collapse )
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<3 [03/26/05 @ 2:05pm]
we went to a show last night and had a ton of fun. agony scene, 3 inches of blood, trivium, hopes laste breath, and still remains. very good.
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MOD [03/25/05 @ 3:02pm]

ok so obviously this community is going nowhere. we have about one active member and a few that post sporadically. i think i'm going to start a new community and anyone in this community is welcome to join free of application. just let me know your joining. i may also have someone help me mod since i'm not online 24-7. probably the most active member in here. comment if you want to be a mod or if you have any good names for the community. peace, nigga.

[03/19/05 @ 1:00pm]

sorry but i am leaving all rating communities.

[03/19/05 @ 12:45pm]

Sorry Guys, I'm leaving =/
I'm not really doing anything for the community besides commenting. S
Maybe once things are in order I'll re-join ro something =/ Byeee <33N


[03/14/05 @ 10:15pm]

Leaving, It's been good folks <3

stamped//promo [03/13/05 @ 5:05pm]

promo, guys...Collapse )

I should have new pictures pretty soon, too..

mod [03/11/05 @ 1:21pm]

yeah my birthday sucked.

i'm going to try to get people to participate more again. i want new 100x100s from everybody. leave the IMAGE URL in a comment (do NOT delete this picture from your photoucket!). thanks.

also... i want 3 promotions from everybody and i want the links. recruit new members. tell your friends or something. we need more members, and we need active members.

if too many people fail to do these things, i'm going to close this community and start a new one that i will run myself.

oh, and by the way, since only ONE person participated in the last theme...

new theme:
theme contest.
think of as many good themes as you can.
whoever has the best and most original themes gets theirs used first as well as one auto-accept and one auto-reject.

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mod [03/10/05 @ 2:02pm]


it's my birthday.


fun with aim expressCollapse )

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mod [03/07/05 @ 1:02am]

im glad someone participated in the theme
the layout is by whatitmeanstobe

thank you!!! <333

i don't know what the new one should be. maybe nikki or liz will think of something.

my sweet 16 is on thursday. maybe you guys should do stuff for me <3

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