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fuck i'm cute & read the rules

[General Info]
Name:  Jello Lynn. This is my given name.
Age:  24
Sex:  female.
Location:  Kentucky.
Guilty pleasure: Invader Zim and mooing at the cows that live in the field next door.
Hobbies: playing bass guitar, belly dancing, and of course drawing tattoo designs.

10 Bands:  Jack Off Jill, Ramones, Nina Simone, Aphex Twin, Violent Femmes, Billy Idol, Pigface, The Clash, My Chemical Romance, Otep
3 Movies:  Lola Rennt, The Addiction, Pi
3 Books: The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath), A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick), Innocents (Cathy Coote)
3 TV Shows:  Dog, Queer Eye, Family Guy
President: Clinton? At least you knew he was relaxed and not all anxious to press the big shiny WAR button.
Song: Right now? Feeling Good by Nina Simone

[your opinion on]
the american government: Currently, I hate it. I feel it's not working for the people, but there's not shit I can do other than vote.
homosexuality: All for it... and thank god so is my beautiful fiance, Julie.
self-mutilation: I think it's ridiculous. I'm sure people have their reasons for it, but I'm not able to wrap my head around it.

[Other Things]
Make Us Laugh: The Best Phone Ever!
If you were going to be on an island for a year, what 5 things would you bring? Sunscreen, a lot of tea, my mp3 player, a box of good books, and a hammock.
If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?  Telekenisis. Useful at work, also fun at parties. I'd be one wicked bartender or villian.
If you had just one hour to live, what 5 things would you do? Tell my family I loved them, marry Julie whether the law says I can or not, hug my pets, spraypaint my last mural, and laugh at my student loans.
Do you have enough confidence in yourself to not take our criticism personally and be a big stupid baby and contest everything we say? Yes. I'm too much of a narcissist to be affected.
How did you find this communtiy? I was a member way back, tried to keep up with the name changes but lost my net connection.

[Pictures Please]
Post your favorite picture of yourself here. It will go on the members list IF you get accepted. Size is not a problem..

Post 2 or more pictures here:

Contrast ate my skin colour. I want it back.

Look at my cleverly hide my face! Pointless hair picture.

Post 8am class. Weeee! My hair screams deep conditioner please, but my body says SLEEP!

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