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Biography of Fuckhott__:

fuckhott__ was created on June 19th: 9:30p.m. By _rapebigbird This community is another rating community. But beyond any other. And I'm sure you have heard this a billion times, but you can hear it once more.

Rating community = Rating someone on someones looks.

Us as humans have degrated ourselves. We've gotten sugery, spent countless dollars, and cried ourselves to sleep because we wern't perfect. We hate when people call us ugly, fat, weird, nerds, etc. But yet we still thrive on what others think. I don't care what you think, no one can Not entirely care what others think of them. Its a natural instint, you can try as hard as you can but it won't happen. So, sit back fill out some questions, take a few pictures of yourself. Take 100 then pick a few out. The ones you think are the best, maybe the ones that don't even look like you. Post them and keep checking to see what people have to say about you. Its life, we're just simply giving you something to do in your spare time.
And possibly helping you not degrate yourselves anymore. Don't take the nudes pictures. They dwon't help you. Guys will love them, but thats all they are, your nothing without the picture to them. Its pointless to waste your tim.e Keep your clothes on and spend more time on here than becoming a internet whore. If what I have just said makes you mad. GOOD. Speak your mind, thats the point. Now join and see what happens!!

A Mod;

001. ADD fuckhott__ To your friends list.
002. Read the requirements for posting your application.
003. Do not post and or comment on other apps. untill you are approved.
004. If you are rejected you can apply after one week of being rejected.
005. If you are accepted you have to put the accepted sign in your userinfo.
006. You must be accesible to a digital camera and/or webcamera.

[xxx]. Requirements for posting your Application.

-A. Mark the Subject as New To Fuckhott__
-B. Post a picture of you Width:300px|Height:250px Of you holding a sign stating your livejournal username and with the community name underneath. So we know your real. You have To be in the picture. Your hands must also be visable.
-C. After the image use an Livejournal cut. If you do not know how to use one please go here. The cut must be after the 300x250 image. DO NOT PUT THE 300x250 BEHIND THE CUT.
-D. Answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge. Leaving spots blank and/or with an "I don't know" answer will not help at all.
-E. Do not mess with the coloring of your text, some colors can make it hard to read your application.
-F. When answering the questions on the application you'll need to put SWISS for the what kind of cheese does fuckhott__ like.
-G. Tell the fucking turth. If you live in Ohio say your from Ohio. If your 15 don't say your 17. We do not allow fake people in this community.
-F. Try to use your ability with your grammer skills.




001. You must post at least once a week.
002. If you do not post with in a weeks time you will be given a warning.
003. You get three warnings.
004. If you exceed your three warnings, you will be banned from the community.
005. All posts must have at least one picture in them.
006. You will be required to comment on pending applications.
007. You are required to make a 100x100 of you for the accepted members list.
008. You must have the website button in your userinfo.
009. You must have the community added to your friends list.
[this does not allow community members to see your friends only posts, only for you to see posts from the community.]
010. Anyone breaking the rules will revieve a warning.
011. Pictures Must be a reasonable size. tall: 288x432, wide: 432x288.
[Or in that area.]

If you'd like the application, please go here

Accepted members:
_rapebigbird [Application.]
imhalfafraid [Application.]