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Welcome to Fruits_Basket_! If you are interested in either the anime of fruits basket or the manga then you are most certainly welcome to join. To join just click the button above that says "To join this community, click here." You can post about practicaly anything in the community: Interesting Quizes you found, Fan fiction on it, a new piece of merchandise you got concerning fruits basket. Also if you're a new member you can make a "new member" post so that the other members can get to know everyone.

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There aren't really a lot of rules but here they are.
1. No being mean to any of the other members of this community
2. No posting anything inapropriate that you don't think everyone would find acceptable.
3. No trying to promote your communities in here. (I didn't have this rule before but I'm going to add it because the advertising is getting out of hand. It seems like people are taking advantage of it not being a rule.)
4. Use LJ cut if you post a lot of pictures. ( To do an LJ cut ... <*lj-cut text="Put whatever text you want to appear here so the person can click it"*> but remove the *s when you use it.)

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There are only these 2 mods right now. More might be added later. If you are really interested in becoming a mod then email me at HabboAddict@hotmail.com with how you help this community. I'm not really planning on adding that many right now though.
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