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Selling SUPER CHEAP Fruits Basket Japanese Manga, Character Artbook, Artbook, charm, Vol 1, 2, DVDs

Hi! I'm cleaning house and rather than throw these out, I am trying to get these to a collector that still enjoys Fruits Basket.

*** I AM SELLING EVERYTHING LISTED HERE FOR $15 + buyer shipping. (maybe $10 within the US) ***

The items up for grabs are:
Fruits Basket Manga, Vol. 1-16, in Japanese.
Fruits Basket DVDs Vol. 1 and 2
Fruits Basket charm,it has a small Tohru on it for good luck.
Fruits Basket Character Artbook
Fruits Basket Illustration Artbook

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Seriously, feel free to comment with ANY offer. Buyer pays shipping and I ship from 02478. I have a Sailor Moon feedback page can be found here: http://smc-feedback.livejournal.com/14916.html
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I've been wanting to start up a Fruits Basket RPG. I did one years ago and it was really popular and awesome! I miss it, so I'm starting up a new one. Is there anyone who would be interested in joining? :)
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This is probably my first time posting here...well, I've been a member to this comm for a very long time but I never really contributed to it, since the only thing I can really do online is make amvs. Just finished a new amv of mine that features Kyo-kun and the monster that is inside him. The song I used is Monster by Skillet and it focuses on Kyo-kun accepting his true form all while trying not to scare Tohru with the truth about him.

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