I Don't Need Nobody

does anyone have Foxy's I Don't Need Nobody?

I see I have the Black Rob remix, and I probably DO have the solo Foxy version somewhere but it's probably named something so obscure(with some mixtape number tracklisting preceding the file name) so I can't find it

Black Roses due out Aug 23rd

NEW YORK — For just about a decade, Jay-Z and Foxy Brown have been known as one of rap's highest-profile Bonnie and Clyde pairings. But this year, the dynamic has changed just a little. Instead of being two friends signed to the same label, Foxy is now an artist on Jay's Roc-A-Fella label.
So how does President Carter handle working with Foxy now?
"Same way," he insisted recently. "One way. Whatever [my opinion] is, I voice it; if I don't like it or if I love it. The same way. "I'm rough, I'm tough, but fair," he added with a chuckle. Brown's Black Roses is almost done (see "Foxy Brown Planning Comeback With Help From Jay-Z, Shyne"), and its star says she's welcomed every bit of input from Jay.
"He's the cherry on the top," she said. "He'll come in at the end and say, 'This needs to be tweaked here. You need to say this like this.' Or 'You need more cadence.' "
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Album is now due out August 23rd,2005...
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Foxy's Album Has LEGENDS!?

Foxy's Album Has LEGENDS!?


We have good news on this Valentine’s Day 2005. Foxy Brown is working on a new album and its looking like it’s the same temperature as blue fire. Black Roses, the working title, is supposed to feature Jay-Z, Dido (remember “Stan”), Mos Def, Barrington Levy, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS One and her lyrical predecessor Roxanne Shante. We can’t imagine an album this dope from a commercial rapper, but that’s the word. Word is, her and Bleek are sparring with who should come out first, but it appears that Bleek is going to win this won. We’ll gladly wait.

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I've heard one track last year called "Fan Love" that was supposed to be on "Ill Nana pt.II The Fever" It sampled an old song by Taste Of Honey it forget the title at the momment something-yuki in it. But it had a japanses beat. I liked it but it never hit the streets well, at least not in LA. I still have though. I think we all knew jay-z signed her back to def jam but, I don't think it was for 75 million like the rumors say.....
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Jay Z Brings Foxy Brown Back To Def Jam

Jay-Z's barely had time to print up new business cards, but already Def Jam's new president and CEO has signed an artist to the label: Foxy Brown.

Foxy's reps aren't giving away too many details right now, but they said she's been in the studio working on her next album and that she spent part of Tuesday in the Def Jam offices.

Foxy and Jay's official reunion certainly comes as no surprise. She performed several dates with him during both the Best of Both Worlds and "Jay-Z and Friends" tours last fall, and even before that, Fox was telling everyone that she was going to be a part of Jay's S. Carter imprint — an imprint that has yet to come into existence in light of the rap mogul's new Def Jam job. Jay-Z was appointed the head of Def Jam in early December, and his first official day on the job was January 3.

After her last LP, Broken Silence, dropped on Def Jam four years ago, Foxy recorded an LP called Ill Nana 2: The Fever, which was never released. She then left her only recording home and has been in the lab recording material for an album tentatively titled Black Roses. Barrington Levy, Dido and Luther Vandross are among her collaborators on that material.

Besides Foxy's new LP, projects on the horizon under the Def Jam umbrella include records from 112, Mariah Carey and Memphis Bleek

smh more rumors

Well, well, well … what do we have here? We heard that Foxy got on the stage at a Russell Simmons Philanthropic event and DISSED Terror Squad head mistress Remy Martin. Why’d she go and do something like that? So, apparently Kay Slay was on the 1’s and 2’s and started to play “Lean Back,” quite possibly the song of the summer. And, Foxy said something like, “Turn that off, slay. That ain’t that real s**t.” She also said something about her getting on the mic and rapping like a dude. Anyway, this is where the rumor gets hazy. We heard the pair almost got into it but it was broken up before it even started. But, we also heard that a pair of young girls got into a fight, so maybe it’s not true. We don’t know. This isn’t the first time for these two. If you remember, they were going to battle for $200,000, but it never happened.