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In the past I've been a member of communties where people just think that they have Compulsive Over Eating Disorder (COED), but are really Anorexic or Bulimic and see themselves as fat and what they eat as a binge. Though bulimics DO binge, the fact that they purge (over exercise, forced vomiting, laxitive abuse) to get rid of the food and calories from the binge separates them from us COEs. Because of this, this group will be accepting only those who request to be a part of this and I will have to power to ban anyone from posting who seems "not" a COE, overly triggering, or completely out of place and/or one who I hear compliants about or is personally attacking another member.

Please take the time to read this before you join:

+ If you have a long, or potentially triggering post to make, please post under an LJ cut with a warning about the triggers.

+ This community is not about losing weight, it's about not binging, therefore, please refrain from posting daliy updates about weight loss. Every now and then, as an positive side effect of your overcoming the disorder is okay, though!

+ PLEASE PLEASE be supportive of the people in the community and what they may be struggeling with.

+ DO NOT make personal attacks on people. Healthy debates/arguments are okay, but NO bashing.

+ THIS IS NOT A COMMUNITY ABOUT LOOSING WEIGHT though many of you may be over weight as a result of your eating, please look elsewhere for a commintuy about weight loss. This is NOT one.

PLEASE NOTE: I have NOTHING against people who are anorexic and/or bulimic. In fact, I have several close friends and family members who suffer from the disorders. I didnt make this community to be cruel or exclusive, I just want to have a community that is purely for COED, not bulimia, anorexia or EDNOS.