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Pyrography [entries|friends|calendar]
Burn Victims Я Us

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Beautiful [Saturday

May 28th, 2005

@ 3:04pm

My name's Rachel. I have a strange fascination with fire. And smoke. I am strange. My coffee is begining to make my hands shake.
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I love you ... [Wednesday

May 25th, 2005

@ 8:07pm

[ mood | drained ]

Hey puppy, I can actually see the mouse pointers now
Fire and Ice ...

I still love you

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All For You [Sunday

Mar 13th, 2005

@ 1:05am

Well since you've shown the world yours i guess i will show the "parent wound" ...it was done with a knife as well...was heated a little more vigorously though...industral grill...i heated it to around 400 degrees..it was glowing
sizzleCollapse )

love is forever
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Because I Love You [Friday

Mar 11th, 2005

@ 9:45am

With the knife, heated over a candle, soot deposited and left a temporary tattoo-like impression of your name

Except it is dying now ... it is a soft pink color and in a couple of days it will be gone

LucianoCollapse )
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