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Here's my application...


Name: Kierra
Age: 15
Location (City, State): Medical Lake, Washington
Sex: Female

What kind of music do you listen to? : A little bit of everything. Emo, Rock, Techno, Ska, Punk, etc.

Are you in a band? If so what is the name? : I wish I was...

Do you own/play any musical instraments? If so, name them, and how many you have of them. : Well... I played the Saxophone 5th-7th grade. Hope that counts.

How many shows have you gone to? : 5 or 6

Have you ever held or been in any shows? : Nope

What is the story behind your username? : It's a song lyric. It means a lot to me.

Do you do any sports? : I'm doing soccer this year.

Name 15 bands you listen to on a regular basis.:
1.) Amber Pacific
2.) The Panic Division
3.) Panic! At the Disco
4.) The Bravery
5.) We Are Scientists
6.) Lostprophets
7.) 30 Seconds to Mars
8.) Alien Ant Farm
9.) The Academy Is...
10.) No Doubt
11.) Gym Class Heroes
12.) Metric
13.) Depeche Mode
14.) Shiny Toy Guns
15.) Linkin Park

Name three bands you really dont enjoy:
1.) My Chemical Romance
2.) Britney Spears (lol)
3.) All American Rejects

Name the best show you have been to, and why: I'm not sure if it counts but I'd have to say the Battle of the Bands fest I went to. It was amazing. 12 kick ass local bands playing great music. I loved it

Why do you want to join finding___emo_? : It sounds like a fun community. Definately one for me :]

How did you hear from us? : Saw a random ad somewhere.

Picture(*Note: we dont not vote by looks)If you have a myspace put the link here:


What are your feelings towards:
Posers: I really don't like them. Why not be yourself and be accepted for what you are?
Groups/Cliques: Again, I really don't like them. People shouldn't be put into groups.
Abuse: Sad stuff
Popularity: It's fine. Just don't let it get to your head.
Abortion: It should be the woman's decision but I also think people should show some responsibility and not just get one because they were careless and slept around.

Sorry if I screwed something up. It seems its cutting it off early...

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