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Name: Noel lynn
Age: 21, old i know, but I still consider myself emo
Location (City, State): NJ
Sex: female

What kind of music do you listen to? : i liek all kinds, mostly emo type music, like taking back sunday, brand new, ect....

Are you in a band? If so what is the name? : no band

Do you own/play any musical instraments? If so, name them, and how many you have of them. : i own a guitar, but i never figured out how to play it

How many shows have you gone to? : like 7 or 8

Have you ever held or been in any shows? : no but I was in a musical lol. does that count.

What is the story behind your username? : forsaken angel... is the title of a poem a wrote

Do you do any sports? : i played tennis in highschool, i loved it.

Name 15 bands you listen to on a regular basis.:
1.) taking back sunday
2.) brand new
3.) finch
4.) matchbook romance
5.) coheed and cambria
6.) something corporate
7.) simple plan
8.) evanesncece
9.) dashboard confessional
10.) fall out boy
11.) hawthorne hieghts
12.) papa roach
13.) my chemical romance
14.) thrice
15.) thursday

Name three bands you really dont enjoy:
There really aren't any band that I dislike. I listen to a bit of everything.

Name the best show you have been to, and why: my friends band, cause they rock

Why do you want to join finding___emo_? : because I concider myself emo, and this seems like a cool community

How did you hear from us? : it was promoted somewhere

Picture(*Note: we dont not vote by looks)If you have a myspace put the link here:

What are your feelings towards:
Posers: I really know what you mean by posers...
Groups/Cliques: I don't really belive in them.
Abuse: I'm a victim of abuse myself.. so I'm very against it
Popularity: Well, popularity depends on a lot of things, like your family life, how you view yourself, no one wants to be around someone who doesn't think highly of themselves. That's true in my case.
Abortion: It's the womans body... she should have the right to choose.


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