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Stay Gold


Name: Julianne
Age: eighteen
Location (City, State): Seattle, Washington
Sex: She

What kind of music do you listen to? : Mostly anything that rocks. Haha.

Are you in a band? If so what is the name? : I'm in a couple little projects/jam bands... we don't play shows or anything. One's a screamo band called Green Light Transmission (we cover Red Light Ambition). I'm a screamer and a singer.

Do you own/play any musical instraments? If so, name them, and how many you have of them. : Guitar, vox. Just one guitar; many voices.

How many shows have you gone to? : Countless.

Have you ever held or been in any shows? : Never.

What is the story behind your username? : They're Blood Brothers lyrics. I know Mark (the drummer) and that has nothing to do with the username, I just felt like bragging about it.

Do you do any sports? : I used to play softball and soccer and run track, but now I pretty much just sit on my butt.

Name 15 bands you listen to on a regular basis.:
1.) The Blood Brothers
2.) A Change of Pace
3.) Scary Kids Scaring Kids
4.) Darkest Hour
5.) Fear Before the March of Flames
6.) The Fall of Troy
7.) This Providence
8.) Eisley
9.) Eighteen Visions
10.)As I Lay Dying
12.)Kane Hodder
13.)The Sound of Animals Fighting
14.)Gatsbys American Dream

Name three bands you really dont enjoy:
1.) Elliott
2.) Simple Plan
3.) Insane Clown Posse

Name the best show you have been to, and why: Probably Unearth, Norma Jean, and Atreyu. They're all excellent performers and for Norma Jean, they had the bass up so much that the place shook on certain parts. Also, Pettibone (Himsa), one of the security guys, beat the crap out of some guy who was trying to start something with the singer from Atreyu.

Why do you want to join finding___emo_? : Hey, the interests include A Change of Pace (great guys) and the Blood Brothers (also great guys).

How did you hear from us? : I was just looking through communities with similar interests as me.

Picture(*Note: we dont not vote by looks)If you have a myspace put the link here: http://www.myspace.com/juujuu

Anything else you would like us to know about yourself(brownie points=D): I've rolled two cars. I drove the second one all messed up for about a year until I got it fixed (and repainted!) for my birthday.
And I have Jon (A Change of Pace)'s phone number.
Umm I'm pretty much always on my computer and I try make communities interesting.
And... uh... I love you guys?

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