July 11th, 2005

Meh, I could do with joining another community....

Name: Joe
Age: 19
Location (City, State): Australia
Sex: If your offering...

What kind of music do you listen to? : Everything, but mostly heavier stuff

Are you in a band? If so what is the name? : Yes, theband is called Delirium, we had a website at one stage...

Do you own/play any musical instraments? If so, name them, and how many you have of them. : I play guitar, I have my own custom handmade one. I also have a shitty acustic and a spare electric.

How many shows have you gone to? : Too damn many....

Have you ever held or been in any shows? : Yeap, in my old band we played heaps of gigs, my current band has had a couple of small gigs, one decent one and we have another coming up.

What is the story behind your username? : I dont know....

Do you do any sports? : Drinking?

Name 15 bands you listen to on a regular basis.:
1.) Decrepit Birth
2.) Queen (always on the radio)
3.) Soilwork
4.) Dream Theater
5.) Decapitated
6.) Rush
7.) U2
8.) Psycroptic
9.) Yes
10.) Nile
11.) Meatloaf (again the radio)
12.) Vital Remains
13.) The amenta
14.) Arsis
15.) Devolved

Name three bands you really dont enjoy:
1.) Good Charlotte
2.) Mayhem
3.) Darkthrone

Name the best show you have been to, and why:
Too many to choose from.

Why do you want to join finding___emo_? :
Cause im bored

How did you hear from us? :
You posted on the guitar community....