I've beaten my parents again!!!

so much has happened since i last actually wrote this little lj. There is a good reason for that though, when i come on the internet i check my e-mails and do anything tht needs doin with them and then i go on myspace to c if there are any interesting bulitins (which there usually is, so i deal with those. Then i finally get to lj and i'm either told to get off the computer at this point or i read my friends page and then get kicked off before i can reach the next thing which is writting my own.

So . . . main things i can remember are.
-I'm back at school now and it's still as shit as ever

g2g family

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ohh dont forget to promote you guys!
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heyy does anyone here like coheed? i love them. i feel like they are one of those bands that you either hate or love. but i cant wait for their new cd to come out on tuesday! ive heard the only song they have released o ntehir website and it sound awesome! im eager to hear what their new stuff sounds like! =D

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heyy sorry i havent really been in here in a while. or anything. i just kinda have no time for this anymore. a lot of stuff has happened. like my boyfriend coming home after being away for a year. and cheerleading. school starting. working on finsing a new guitar. and my art. and my poetry and such. Right now i am currently looking for a new guitar. but i have no clue what i want =[ but how did everyones summer go? any stellar concerts? oh and what do you guy think of the dave matthew band? just curious.
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stay gold

sorry i hope this ok i dont know how to do a lj cut thing

Location (City, State):Australia, NSW

What kind of music do you listen to? : anything from punk to rock, emo, metal

Are you in a band? If so what is the name? :Pink Spandex Fairy...dont ask

Do you own/play any musical instraments? If so, name them, and how many you have of them. : i have a drum kit and play drums, i have an acoustic and electric guitar i play both, i can also play recorder and keyboard and some piano

How many shows have you gone to? :20

Have you ever held or been in any shows? :not yet i have one next week though

What is the story behind your username? : randomness

Do you do any sports? : martial arts

Name 15 bands you listen to on a regular basis.:
1.)from first to last
2.)from autam to ashes
4.)alex is on fire
5.)further seems forever
6.)the get up kids
7.)sex pistols
8.)the ramones
10.)the used
11.)rise against
12.)my chemical romance
13.)after the fall
14.)end of fashion
15.)67 special

Name three bands you really dont enjoy:
2.)marilyn manson
3.)maroon 5

Name the best show you have been to, and why: end of fashion

Why do you want to join finding___emo_? : looking fro another cool community to join hat has similar intrests as i do

How did you hear from us? : from a post at the community beginner guitar

Picture(*Note: we dont not vote by looks)If you have a myspace put the link here: cant remember the link but my ser name is xrazorbladexkisses

Anything else you would like us to know about yourself(brownie points=D):


heyy =] are any of you guys going to the hot hot heat and the bravery show on thursday in Rhode Island?! =-O I like can't go because i have other stuff planned =[ But im going to try and make it to warped tour on august 15th =]